The Conference Formerly Known As Monospace

September 10, 2012


Last week, we announced that we changed the name of the Monospace conference to MonkeySpace. Some of you may be thinking, why change the name now? Well, one of our goals with Monkey Square is to educate and evangelize cross platform and open source development in .NET. We have a great tool with Monospace to help us with our mission, but we thought the name gave the conference a certain perception of only being about Mono. In order to change that perception, we decided to rename the conference to better reflect it’s mission. For the latest news about MonkeySpace and Monkey Square, make sure you’re following @MonkeySpaceConf and @MonkeySquareOrg on twitter. We’ll have other channels soon as well.


We also announced the rest of the speakers and the schedule. The first two days are jam packed with sessions given by a great line up of speakers, old and new, speaking on topics from mobile development to developing sensor frameworks. The third day is an open space, where we turn the tables on you and allow you to come up with an agenda. We’ll also have a hackfest during this day where you can help and learn on how to contribute to open source software. Oh, we have an attendee party thrown in there as well, more on that soon!

.NET Rocks Road Trip

If that wasn’t enough, we’re allowing the .NET Rocks crew to crash the party during their road trip. After the first day of the conference, come watch Carl and Richard record a show with Don Syme. I’m sure they’ll have plenty of swag to pass out!

A Call to Arms

We’re doing our best to change the perception of doing development in .NET, but we can’t do it by ourselves. It’s your turn to help! We hope with the announcement of the speakers and schedule along with changing the perception of the conference will nudge anybody who was on the fence in attending or sponsoring. Help support the community you love and the software you use. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We hope to see you there!