Monospace is Shipping Up To Boston

March 29, 2011

I recently posted that we were planning Monospace 2011 to take place in Austin, TX around October of this year. As you may have heard by now, that is no longer the case. As the Dropkick Murphys song goes, Monospace is shipping up to Boston. Hopefully we won’t lose a leg! Another part of the change is the date. We are moving it from October to July. We haven’t set an exact date yet, but we are shooting for the end of July.

Boston Luca Galuzzi


You may be asking, why the change? What’s wrong with Austin? The change has nothing to do with Austin or Boston. They’re both great cities and have wonderful amenities to host a community like ours. The change is all about seizing an opportunity to bring you the best conference experience possible on Mono and .NET open-source! How are we going to do that? By combining two events, that’s how! The Mono team heard about our plans for Monospace and contacted us about some plans that they had also. Before I get into the plans, I have to give the Mono team props for doing this. They could of just went and did their own thing and more than likely causing the Monospace conference to suffer. Instead, because they care about the community. They contacted us about coordinating our efforts to bring the best experience possible to you.

What plans does the Mono team have? They’re planning to hold a Mono Summit in July by bringing their whole team to Boston from all over the world and invite major contributors to participate! I will leave the rest for Miguel to explain, because I don’t want to spoil too much. I however want to explain what this means for Monospace by coordinating with them. Simply put, it allows the whole Mono team to attend, besides just a few that would be allowed to come to Austin! That’s right, the whole Mono team! That’s 36 Mono developer’s at our disposal to talk about their area of responsibility. Who better to hear it from than the person who knows the ins and outs of that particular feature or area?

It’s time for open-source in .NET to shine and take center stage. As Louis mentioned in his post:

It won’t be Mono versus .Net or Microsoft versus Linux. Instead, it will be a community of cooperation. Projects will be discussed, to-do lists will be written down and things will get done. It is only by sharing our work that we’ll be able to create an ecosystem that will have a chance to compete in this world.

We sincerely hope you can come and join us for a preview of the future of Mono and .NET open-source.

Call For Speakers

One last thing, due to the recent changes, we have officially opened the call for speakers! If you’re a hacker, Monoista, trainer, web developer, Mono system administrator, and/or entrepreneur, submit a proposal to speak at Monospace 2011. Help make the next Monospace the best ever! The deadline for proposals will be May 15, 2011 by 23:59 EST, but it’s not a hard deadline. We want to make sure we leave room to cover the most current Mono and .NET open-source topics.