Monospace 2012

July 9, 2012

After almost a year since the last Monospace, I’m happy to announce that Monospace is back for 2012 and open for registration!

The coference will be held from October 17-19, 2012 at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA. We are planning three days of learning and fun, expect to attend drinkups, an attendee party, and learn from some of the best technical speakers on a very diverse range of topics in developing cross-platform .NET applications.

Whether you’re a new comer, a long time user, or just like to see LOLCATS in presentations. There is no doubt in our minds that Monospace 2012 will be even better than last year’s, so what are you waiting for, stop reading this and go register!

We are need speakers

If you’re interested in speaking in front of a diverse technical crowd, consider submitting a proposal and be prepared to:


By the way, this was a typo on the site during review, but I thought it was funny and reminded me of a meme and went ahead and launched with it. I’ve since corrected the typo, but thought I would explain for those who didn’t get it.