MonkeySpace Europe Postponed

May 23, 2014


You asked for MonkeySpace to come to Europe and we brought our A game, a great venue in lovely Dublin and a list of speakers that any .NET conference would be proud of. The community and things that make MonkeySpace such a special and beloved experience by attendees and organizers alike in years past.

What happened next would become one of our worst nightmares!

Up until a month ago things were going great, but at that time we started noticing that the registration numbers weren’t quite where we wanted them to be and that it might be cause for concern.

The low numbers were a bit surprising to us, considering almost 200 people voted for possible venues for MonkeySpace Europe and had expressed interest in attending such an event.

Convinced that we could improve our numbers by raising further awareness of the conference. That our community simply didn’t know we were indeed holding the conference you had told us you wanted. After all it has been a busy year for the Open Source .NET community, and pleasantly so with good news from all directions.

We decided that the best course of action would be wait things out another month to see if increased attention and a bit more time would do the trick. However if the numbers didn’t improve, we were going to close registration and decide what to do next.

Sadly the numbers did not improve and we took the difficult decision to close registration on May 16, 2014. At that time, we had just 13 registrations. With only three weeks left until the conference, we knew that there wasn’t going to be any way we could meet the numbers that would be needed to throw a conference.

What’s Next

We are truly saddened that it came to this but rather than linger on the present, we want to focus on the future and what happens now.

As far as throwing a conference in Europe this year, we’re afraid that is simply not going to be possible.

Instead, we’re going to start planning a new MonkeySpace Europe 2015 from scratch and concentrate our immediate efforts on the MonkeySpace US conference we have held for years to high praises, which will return later this year as was always the plan.

It’s our sole mission and our great personal passion at MonkeySquare to spread the love of Open Source .NET. There is no better time to be involved in this community, we are stronger, more vibrant than ever and things have never looked brighter for our platform of choice.

We know from being asked to hold such a MonkeySpace Europe in past years in private, online and at MonkeySpace US that there is strong demand for a European conference for our community. Therefore we are asking you, our European friends and fellow .NET community members, to help us plan for an excellent 2015 conference in Europe, in whatever way you can.

We look forward to seeing you at our US event later this year.

The MonkeySquare Board